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"Team Members" Page Guide

The "Team Members" section of WellyBox helps you control who can see and manage documents. There are two main roles: "Client" for users who only see their own documents, and "Accountant" for those who can see everyone's documents, like an admin.

Understanding Roles and Permissions

Client Role

Clients are granted access to view only their documents. They cannot see other clients' documents, ensuring privacy and confidentiality. This role is suitable for individual clients or employees who should only access their specific documents.

Accountant Role

Accountants can view all documents of all their clients, providing an overarching access suitable for accountants, administrators or office managers. This role allows for comprehensive monitoring and management of all client accounts.

Adding Team Members

To add a team member, click on the '+' icon.
Choose the appropriate role for the new member: select "Accountant" to give them access to all client documents or "Client" to restrict their view to their own documents.

Managing Team Members

Team members are listed with their names, emails, and roles.
Connected status indicates that the member has accepted the invitation and has access to the platform.

Utilizing Roles for Organizational Structure

Assign the "Accountant" role to those who need comprehensive access, like office admins or accountants.
Assign the "Client" role to individual employees to limit access to their documents only.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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