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"Automation rules" page guide

Automation rules in WellyBox automate the categorization, editing, or organization of receipts. They simplify repetitive tasks and ensure consistent management of documents.

Creating Automation Rules

Automation rules can be set up in the "All receipts" page:

Initiating a Rule: When editing details of a document (like changing its business relation or category, or ignoring future documents from a specific vendor), a pop-up will ask if you want to create a rule based on this action.
Customizing the Rule: You can then specify the details of this rule, determining its application to future similar documents.

Managing Automation Rules

The "Automation Rules" page allows for the overview and management of your rules:

View: Displays all the rules you have created, along with their specifics.
Edit: Enables modifications to adjust to your changing needs.
Delete: Removes rules that are no longer necessary.

In WellyBox, automation rules can currently be created for automatically deleting, assigning to an expense category, or assigning to a business entity for future receipts from a specific vendor.

In summary, the Automation Rules feature in WellyBox is designed to streamline receipt management. It allows for efficient, consistent, and personalized organization of your documents, enhancing the overall experience with the WellyBox app.

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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