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"Email forwarding" Page Guide

The "Email Forwarding" feature on WellyBox allows you to automatically forward data when a new receipt is added to your account. It's a convenient way to keep your records up-to-date. Once connected, any new receipt uploaded to your WellyBox account will trigger an email notification to the connected email address.

Connecting an Email for Forwarding

Click on 'Connect Email account' to start the process.
A popup will appear where you should enter a 'Title' for reference and the 'Email' address where data should be forwarded.
After entering the details, click 'Add' to set up the forwarding.

Managing Your Email Forwarding Address

On the "Email Forwarding" page, you can view and manage the email address set to receive data when a new receipt is added.

Note that you can have only one forwarding address connected at a time.

Deleting a Forwarding Email Address

To delete the existing forwarding email, locate the 'Actions' button next to the email address.
Click on 'Actions' and select 'Delete' from the dropdown menu.
You'll be asked to confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the email address will be removed.

Adding a New Forwarding Address

After deleting the previous address, you can add a new one by clicking 'Connect Email account' and following the setup process.

This setup allows you to automatically send updates about new receipts to specific email addresses. It simplifies the process of keeping the right people informed, making data sharing in your business more efficient.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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