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"All receipts" Page Guide

Welcome to the heart of WellyBox - the "All Receipts" page, where your receipt management becomes effortless and centralized. This page is your one-stop hub for tracking and organizing all your receipts, no matter where they come from—be it directly from your email, receipts you've scanned with your phone, or receipts you uploaded yourself.

Viewing Your Receipts

Upon landing on the "All Receipts" page, you'll notice a gallery of your receipts. Each thumbnail represents an individual receipt, complete with a snapshot, the provider's name, the amount, and the date. For a more detailed look, you have the option to switch to the table view, which presents your receipts in a list format or simply click on any receipt to see all the extracted details.

Sorting and Filtering

To help you find exactly what you're looking for, use the powerful filtering tools at your disposal. Sort your receipts by:
Status (New, Reviewed, Exported, Trash)
Expense Date
Source of the Receipt
Email Sender
Received Date
There are many more filters to explore, and you can select and clear filters with ease, allowing you to customize the view to your specific needs.

Exporting Options

Ready to download or share your receipts? Click the 'Export' button to choose your preferred format—PDF, ZIP, or Excel. Alternatively, you can send your receipts directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or integrate them with supported accounting software, streamlining your bookkeeping process.

Receipt Details and Editing

Click on any receipt to dive into its details. You'll find all the extracted information such as date, vendor, amount, and more. Should you need to make any changes, you can edit the information directly in this detailed view.

Receipt Status Management

The status of each receipt updates automatically as you interact with them. If you need to manually adjust the status, you can do so with a simple click within the receipt's detailed view.

Syncing Your Email

If you've connected your email accounts, you'll be able to see when they were last synced at the top of the page. Should you need up-to-the-minute data, click the sync icon to initiate an instant sync. Remember, it might take a little time for new receipts to appear—so this is a perfect moment for a coffee break.
Stay patient, and you'll soon see your latest expenses populating the page. This real-time sync ensures that your "All Receipts" page is always up to date, providing you with the latest information at your fingertips.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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