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"Email accounts" Page Guide

The "Email accounts" page allows you to connect your email accounts to WellyBox. Once connected, all linked inboxes will be displayed here, enabling WellyBox to seamlessly scan your emails and automatically collect and organize receipts and invoices.

Options for email receipt collection

WellyBox offers several convenient methods to add receipts to your system via email. You can:

Connect your Gmail account for automated receipt retrieval.
Link your Outlook account to automatically gather receipts.
Use IMAP to connect any other email service for receipt import.
Invite team members to connect their email accounts, allowing them to link their own email accounts for direct receipt capture into your WellyBox account..
Establish a dedicated auto-forwarding email address, making it simple to forward receipts directly into the system.

How to connect email accounts to WellyBox?

Connecting your email accounts to WellyBox is not just a simple integration; it's the first step towards organizing and efficiently managing your receipts. By doing so, especially with Gmail, Office 365 and IMAP, WellyBox automatically sifts through your emails, identifying and collecting receipts, invoices, and bills without any manual intervention.

This seamless process ensures that all your important documents are captured and stored in one place, making management a breeze.

But what truly happens after the connection? Let's break it down:

Automatic collection: Once Gmail, Office 365 or IMAP is connected, WellyBox gets to work right away. It scans your emails, intelligently identifies relevant documents, and starts collecting them.
Organized Storage: Post-collection, these documents are neatly organized within WellyBox. This means no more sifting through endless email threads to find that one invoice.
Easy Access & Management: With everything in one place, you can easily view, manage, or export these documents as per your requirements. We also extract the data of each receipt, and you have the option to edit the information.

Now, let's walk you through the process:

Connect your first email account:

Open your WellyBox account.
Click on "Email Accounts" in the left sidebar or menu.
Click on "Create email account" or press the + sign on the top right.
Choose from one of the available options. (Note: If you select Gmail or Office 365, remember that the automatic collection will kick in immediately.)
Input your credentials.
Click "Continue".
You're done.

How to connect a team member’s email for receipt collection in WellyBox?
Efficient receipt management often requires a team effort. WellyBox makes it simple to connect your team members' email accounts for automated receipt collection. Follow these steps to set it up:

Connecting a team member’s email to WellyBox

Log in to your WellyBox account.
Navigate to "Email accounts" from the sidebar or menu.
Click the + sign located at the top right corner.
Choose the "Colleague's Mailbox" option from the list.
A dialog box will prompt you to input details.
Enter the relevant name and email address of your team member.
Click "Send Invitation" to proceed.
Your team member will receive an email to connect their account for receipt collection.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your team's receipt capture process is centralized and automated in WellyBox, streamlining the workflow without altering user access levels.

Please note: The process outlined above is specifically for connecting a team member’s email for automated receipt collection, and not for adding new users to the WellyBox system. To manage team access or user roles, please refer to the 'Team members' section within your account settings.

How to create a dedicated forwarding address in WellyBox (and what is it)?

The dedicated email forward address feature provided by WellyBox offers you a unique email address to which you and your suppliers can forward receipts. This address is not a typical inbox that you can log into; rather, it acts as a direct channel: anything sent to this address is automatically uploaded to your WellyBox account. This ensures that only relevant receipts and documents are gathered in your account.

Create a dedicated forwarding address for WellyBox:
Open your WellyBox account.
Click on "Email Accounts" in the left sidebar or menu.
Click on the + sign at the top right.
Select the "Forwarding address" option.
A pop-up box will appear.
Input your dedicated email address (e.g.,

With just a few clicks, your email forwarding address is ready.

How to Sync Your Email Accounts in WellyBox?

Stay updated and organized by ensuring your email accounts in WellyBox are regularly synced.
WellyBox automatically syncs your email account every 24-48 hours, but with a click of a button, you can sync all accounts simultaneously or individual ones instantly. Here's how:

Step 1: Open your WellyBox account.
Step 2: Click on "Email accounts" in the left sidebar.

For syncing all email accounts at once

Locate the linked text below all accounts labeled "sync now all accounts".
Click on it. This action will synchronize all your linked email accounts.

For syncing individual email accounts

Scroll to find the email account you wish to sync.
Click on the three dots (...) located on the right side of the chosen account.
Select "sync now" from the dropdown menu.

This action will synchronize only that specific email account.

Remember, it might take a little time for new receipts to appear.

How to Extend the Sync Period in WellyBox?

With WellyBox, it's not just about syncing your current emails; it's also about diving deep into your email history to fetch older receipts, invoices or bills. The 'sync period' determines how far back WellyBox will search in your email archive.

If you wish to extend this period and pull data from years past, follow the steps below:

Extending Sync Period in WellyBox

Open your WellyBox account.
Navigate to "Email Accounts" in the left sidebar or menu.
Seek out the "extend sync period" linked text and click on it.

Once there, you'll be presented with two options:

Extend the synchronization to search further back year-by-year. Note: This might have an associated fee.
Browse through WellyBox's range of plans to determine which one allows for the sync duration that best fits your needs.

By extending your synchronization period, you ensure WellyBox captures every valuable receipt, invoice or bill, no matter how old.

How to Delete an Email Account from WellyBox?

There might be various reasons to delete an email account from your WellyBox - whether it's for organizational reasons or simply to declutter. If you're looking to do so, the process is straightforward.

Here’s how you can manage and remove email accounts:

Open your WellyBox account.
Navigate to "Email Accounts" from the left sidebar or menu.
Proceeding with Deletion:
Scan through your list and locate the email account you're looking to remove.
To the right of the account listed, click on the three dots (...) to reveal more options.
From the dropdown menu that appears, choose "Delete."

Updated on: 14/02/2024

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