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The "Mobile Scanners" page in WellyBox offers a streamlined way to digitize and manage your paper and mobile receipts. By connecting your mobile number, you unlock the capability to scan receipts using your phone and send them directly to our chatbot, which then automatically uploads them to your system.

This integration represents a powerful tool in WellyBox’s suite, bridging the gap between physical receipts and digital record-keeping.

Options for Mobile Receipt Scanning

With WellyBox, you have the flexibility to use your mobile device as a powerful scanner:

Connect WhatsApp:

Link your WhatsApp to WellyBox and send images of your receipts to our chat-bot for processing.

Automatic Upload:

Once your mobile number is connected, any receipt image sent to the chat-bot is automatically uploaded to your account.

Ease of Access:

Scan and upload receipts on-the-go, ensuring that no paper slip gets lost and that your expense records are always up to date.

How to Connect Your Mobile Scanner to WellyBox?

Connecting your mobile device to WellyBox for receipt scanning is a straightforward process:

Log in to your WellyBox account.
Select "Mobile Scanners" from the navigation panel on the left.
Click on the "Connect WhatsApp account" button.
Follow the on-screen instructions to link your mobile number.
After linking your phone, our WhatsApp bot will send you a welcome message. From that point on, you're all set to either forward existing receipt images or take new snapshots and send them to the WellyBox chat-bot number provided.

Scanning and Uploading Receipts via Mobile

After connecting your mobile number, simply:

Open WhatsApp and navigate to the WellyBox chat-bot conversation (save this contact for simplify the process).
Capture a clear image of your receipt.
Send the picture to the chat-bot.
The bot will confirm the upload, and your receipt will then be processed and appear in your WellyBox account.

Note: The receipts you send via WhatsApp are subject to processing and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for data extraction. Therefore, they may not appear in your dashboard instantly. If you don't see your document right away, please be patient and check back later.

By using the "Mobile Scanners" page to connect your phone, WellyBox ensures you have an efficient tool at your fingertips for managing receipts without the clutter, enabling you to keep track of your expenses with minimal effort.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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