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"Collect receipts from your eBay account" Page Guide

The "Collect receipts from your eBay account" page is designed for an easy connection of your eBay account with your WellyBox account. Once linked, WellyBox takes care of the rest by automatically gathering your eBay receipts. This means that every time you make a purchase on eBay, WellyBox will retrieve the receipt and add it directly to your account.

Connecting Your eBay Account

Click on the 'Connect your eBay account' button on the WellyBox page.
A pop-up will appear with two steps.
The first step is to install the "Download Receipts by WellyBox" Chrome extension, which is mandatory for the service to function.
After installing the extension, proceed to the second step, which is to 'Connect your eBay account'. Click on this to initiate the connection.
You will be prompted to log in to your eBay account to authorize WellyBox to collect receipts on your behalf.

Viewing Your Receipts

After connecting, you can view your eBay receipts under the "All receipts" page in WellyBox.

Managing Your eBay Connection

If you encounter any issues with the connection, such as the extension is broken, you can use the three dots located on the right side to open the dropdown menu of actions available:
Need to sign in - to sign in to your account again if the connection was lost, or
Should you need to disconnect or change the eBay account, you can do so using the 'Delete' option.

Note: You can only connect one eBay account at a time to your WellyBox account. This ensures a seamless and organized collection of your receipts.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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