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Choosing the right WellyBox plan is essential for managing your business receipts effectively. WellyBox offers three main plans tailored to different needs - Basic, Business, and Accounting. Each plan is designed to help you organize your receipts and automate your expense tracking with varying levels of features and capabilities.

Plan Options

Basic Plan

Annual Subscription: Aimed at individuals and small teams, the Basic Plan is available only as an annual subscription.
Features: It includes features such as support for 2 users, connection to 2 email accounts, and advanced OCR for 50 documents per month.

Business Plan

Monthly/Annual Subscriptions: Suitable for small to medium-sized teams, this plan comes with the flexibility of monthly or annual billing.
Enhanced Features: It builds on the Basic Plan with unlimited users, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited document scans, plus data retrieval for the last 4 years.

Accounting Plan

Monthly/Annual Subscriptions: Designed for accounting firms and larger teams, this plan also offers monthly and yearly billing options.
Comprehensive Features: Includes all the Business Plan features, plus a client dashboard and unlimited client management.

Additional Upgrades

Old Receipts AI: For an additional fee, you can extend your receipt tracking capabilities to include past years, providing even more comprehensive coverage of your financial history.

Choosing and Managing Your Plan

Select a Plan: Review the features of each plan and select the one that best meets your business needs.
Upgrade Options: If you're looking to enhance your current plan, the "Show packages" option allows you to easily add more years to your subscription.
Switching Plans: You can switch between monthly and yearly billing, or change plans entirely, by clicking on the "Switch to yearly" or "Upgrade" buttons next to the respective plan descriptions.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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