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"My business entities" Page Guide

The "My business entities" page on WellyBox is designed to provide you with the ability to categorize and manage receipts according to different business entities. This feature is especially useful for those who manage multiple businesses or require separate receipt tracking for various projects, or you might also be interested in creating a clear division between documents categorized as "work-related" and "personal".

Here’s how to use this page effectively:

Listing and organizing business entities

Adding entities: Easily add a new business entity by clicking the '+' icon, enter the name of the business, and click 'Add'.
Managing entities: Your entities will be listed on this page. You can edit the names or set one as the default entity for new receipts.
Setting defaults: Choose a default entity to automatically categorize new receipts, simplifying your receipt management process.

How to assign receipts to business entities?

Once you have your entities set up, assigning receipts to them helps keep your expenses organized:

Go to the "All receipts" page.
Select a receipt.
In the receipt detail view, assign the receipt to one of your listed entities.

By assigning receipts to specific entities

You ensure accurate expense tracking for each business.
You can generate reports and exports based on individual entities.
It allows for a clean and organized financial overview.

Note: Each entity acts as a unique container for receipts, making it easier to separate and manage financial documents for different business operations or personal needs. The default entity is particularly useful for quick scanning and uploading of receipts, as it automates the categorization process based on your preference.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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