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"Dropbox Integration" Page Guide

The "Dropbox Integration" page helps you connect your WellyBox account with Dropbox, making it simpler to save your receipts. By linking your Dropbox account here, you'll be able to quickly move your receipts from the 'All Receipts' page to Dropbox. This feature helps you keep all your receipts in order and safe. You can easily save and find your financial papers in Dropbox, without any hassle.

Connecting to Dropbox

To begin, click on the 'Connect Dropbox account' button.
You will be prompted to select the Dropbox account you wish to link with WellyBox.
After choosing your account, follow the instructions to authorize WellyBox to access your Dropbox.

Viewing Account Status

Once connected, the status of your Dropbox integration will be visible on this page.
You can see the email associated with the connected Dropbox account, the connection status, the date it was created, and the last time a sync occurred.

Once you've ensured that your Dropbox account is connected to WellyBox, you can effortlessly sync your documents

Exporting Receipts to Dropbox

Go to the 'All receipts' page in your WellyBox dashboard.
Select the receipts you would like to export by checking their corresponding boxes.
Click on the 'Export' button, which will bring up various export options.
Choose 'Export to Dropbox' from the dropdown menu. Your selected receipts will start syncing to your Dropbox account.

Accessing Exported Receipts in Dropbox

Once the export is finalized, visit the 'Export history' page on WellyBox.
Look for your recent export in the list of export history.
Beside the export you're interested in, click on the 'Actions' button.
From the available actions, click on 'Find receipts in Dropbox'.
This action will redirect you to your Dropbox account where you can find the folder with your exported receipts.

Managing Your Dropbox Connection

To remove your connected Dropbox account:

Next to the account, click on the three dots located on the right side to open the dropdown menu of actions available.
Choose 'Delete' and click on it.
A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation to disconnect. Click 'OK' to confirm.
After deletion, you are free to add a different Dropbox account.

Note: Please be aware that you can connect only one Dropbox account to your WellyBox account at a time. If you need to change the connected Dropbox account, you can do so by disconnecting the current one and then connecting a new account.

Benefits of Dropbox Integration

Automatically save and organize your receipt exports in Dropbox.
Securely backup your financial data.
Streamline the process of sharing financial reports with your team or accountant.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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