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How to scan receipts?

Have you been keeping receipts in unorganized shoeboxes? We've got something better for you. With WellyBox, you can take pictures of any receipt you receive and it will automatically be added to your account. It's now saved online for you!


To scan a receipt, follow these steps:
Connect WhatsApp to WellyBox.
Take a picture of your receipt.
View it online in your WellyBox account.

How to connect WhatsApp with WellyBox?

Open your WellyBox account.
Click on "Mobile Scanners" in the left sidebar.

Add your mobile number by clicking the "Connect WhatsApp account" button.

Enter your country flag and WhatsApp number.

Take a look at your WhatsApp. You just received instructions on how to scan your first receipt from the WellyBox receipt scanner bot via WhatsApp.

IMPORTANT: In case you did not receive our bot's message, just send "Hey" to +17655443322 and our bot will reply with instructions.

How to scan a receipt?

Go to the WellyBox receipt scanner bot's conversation in WhatsApp (in your mobile phone).
Take a picture of your receipt and send it to the bot.

Wait for the confirmation message.

As soon as your receipts are ready, you will see them in your WellyBox dashboard.

IMPORTANT: Due to the OCR and data extraction behind the scenes, you may not see the document on your dashboard immediately. It's fine if you don't see your document right away, just check again later. The same process should be followed for all receipts.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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