How to Invite a Client to Your WellyBox Account?

Inviting clients to your WellyBox account is a simple process. Follow these steps to get started:

Steps to Invite a Client:

Open Settings: Click on "Settings & Integration" in the left side menu of your dashboard.
Invite Team Members: Select "Invite team members." If it's your first time, you'll see an "Invite" button in the center and a "+" button at the top right.
Choose to Invite a Client: Click on the "+" button, then select "Client" from the options.
Enter Client Details: A popup will ask for the client's name and email address.
Send the Invitation: After filling in the details, click the "Invite" button.
Confirmation: A notification will pop up, letting you know that an email has been sent to the client and you'll be notified once they accept.

After Inviting a Client:

Your client will receive an email to join WellyBox.
Once the client accepts, you'll see their information under "Team members" with their name, email, role, and status.

Subscription Plan Limitations:

The number of clients you can invite may be limited by your subscription plan. Check your plan details to know how many clients you're allowed to add.

Managing Clients:

You can add new clients or remove existing ones from the "Team members" page according to your subscription plan limits.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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