How to Edit a Receipt in WellyBox?

Editing a receipt in WellyBox is a user-friendly process. Follow these steps to make changes to any receipt:

Selecting a Receipt to Edit:

Go to 'All Receipts': Start on the "All Receipts" page within your WellyBox account.
Find the Receipt: Locate the receipt you wish to edit. You can scroll through the list or use filters to narrow down your search for easier selection.

Editing Receipt Details:

Open the Receipt: Click on the desired receipt to view it in detail.
Review Receipt Information: On the left, you'll see an image of the receipt. On the right, there are fields with receipt details.
Make Changes:
You can edit the following details:
-Total Amount
-Expense Date
-Received Date
-Expense Category
-Payment Status
-Document Reference
-Note (make a note if you need to add additional comments or information).
Save the Changes: After making the necessary changes, click "Looks good, continue" at the bottom right to save.

Alternative Editing Options:

You can also edit certain aspects of a receipt by clicking the three dots (menu) next to the receipt in List or Thumbnail view. This allows you to adjust:
-Business Entity
-Expense Category
-Receipt Status

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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