How to Download Receipts as a Zip File?

For efficient document management, combining your receipts into a single Zip file can save you time. Follow these straightforward steps to create a Zip archive of your receipts directly from the "All Receipts" page:

Steps to Download Receipts as a Zip File:

Access 'All Receipts' page: Log in to your WellyBox account and navigate to the "All Receipts" page.
Select Your Receipts: Tick the boxes next to the receipts you want to include in your Zip file.
Export Selection:
- Click the "Export" button, situated on the right side just below the filtering options.
- From the dropdown menu, choose the "Download as Zip" option.
Download Confirmation:
- A message should appear confirming that your export is assembled and ready for download. The Zip file should download automatically.
- If the download doesn't start or if you can't see the file, proceed to the "Export History" page.
- Here you can download your receipts once more, in Zip format or any other format available.

Additional Option from Export History:

If you wish to download a previous export as a Zip file, locate it on the "Export History" page.
Click the three dots next to the export you’re interested in.
In the dropdown menu, select the option to download as a Zip file.

Helpful Hints:

Make sure your internet connection is stable to ensure smooth downloading of the Zip file.
Verify your browser’s download settings to allow automatic downloads from WellyBox for uninterrupted service.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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