How to Download Receipts as a PDF?

If you need to save your receipts from WellyBox as PDF files, you can easily do so either individually or in bulk. Here's a step-by-step guide:

Steps to Download Individual Receipts as PDF:

Access 'All Receipts': Navigate to the "All Receipts" page in your WellyBox account.
Select Receipt(s): Click the checkbox next to the receipt(s) you wish to download.
Export as PDF:
- Click the "Export" button located to the right, under the filter options.
- Choose "Download as PDF" from the dropdown menu.
Instant Download: A pop-up will confirm that your export is ready, and the file will download immediately.

If the Download Doesn't Start:

Check the "Export History" page if the PDF isn’t visible.
There, you can download it again, either as a PDF or in another format.
Find your downloaded PDF file in your device's designated downloads folder.

For Bulk Downloads:

Select the receipts you want to download.
An icon menu will appear above the list of receipts.
Click the download icon, and your selected receipts will be saved as PDFs to your downloads folder.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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