How to Download Receipts as a CSV?

For better management and analysis of your financial data, you might want to download your receipts from WellyBox as CSV (Comma Separated Values) files. Here’s a simple guide to help you achieve this:

Steps to Download Receipts as CSV:

Navigate to 'All Receipts': Head over to the "All Receipts" page in your WellyBox account.
Select Receipt(s): Click on the checkbox beside the receipt(s) you desire to download.
Initiate Export:
- Look for the "Export" button located on the right side, beneath the filter options, and click it.
- From the dropdown list, select the "Download as CSV" option.
Instant Download Confirmation:
- A notification should pop up, indicating that your export is prepared. If the download doesn’t commence immediately, you may need to manually initiate it.
- If your file isn't visible, check your "Export History" page.
- You can download your receipts again from there, in CSV format or any other available format.

Locate the CSV File:

Find your CSV file within the default downloads folder on your device.

Additional Tips:

If you encounter any issues with the immediate download, the "Export History" page is a reliable alternative to access your files.
Ensure that your browser settings allow for automatic downloads from WellyBox to avoid any hiccups in receiving your files.

Updated on: 29/11/2023

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