Everything You Need to Know About Statuses in Your WellyBox Account

Managing your receipts is made easy with status tags in WellyBox. Here’s how to use the status filters on the "All Receipts" page:

Locating Status Filters:

On the left side of the "All Receipts" page, next to the main menu, you'll find the status options. Each receipt also displays its current status so you can quickly see what needs your attention.

Understanding the Statuses:

New: These are receipts that have just been added to your account.
Reviewed: A receipt marked as 'Reviewed' means you've opened it and either made necessary changes or simply checked it off.
Exported: This label indicates that the receipt has been sent off to another location, like an accounting software or a financial report.
Deleted: These are receipts that have been deleted. They're not gone just yet, but they're out of your main view.

Keep in mind: The status of each receipt will update to reflect any action you take, keeping you informed at a glance.

Using Status Filters:

To find receipts based on these statuses, simply select one of the options:

Click on 'New' to see the latest additions to your account.
Choose 'Reviewed' to revisit receipts you've already looked at.
Select 'Exported' to view a list of receipts that you've exported.
Pick 'Trash' to see deleted receipts, which will have the status 'Deleted'.

Each status serves as a quick sorting tool to help you stay organized and efficient. Whether you’re doing a routine check or looking for a specific document, the status filters on WellyBox streamline your workflow.

Updated on: 18/02/2024

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