Everything You Need to Know About Exports in WellyBox

Exporting receipts from WellyBox is straightforward. Here's a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about exports:

Starting the Export Process:

Go to the "All Receipts" page in your WellyBox account.
Select the receipts you want to export by ticking the square box next to each receipt.
Click the "Export" button on the right side of the screen or use the export icon that appears after you select a receipt.

Types of Exports Available:

There are six export options you can choose from:

Send via Email: Sends the selected receipts to an email address. You’ll also receive a confirmation email.
Export to Dropbox: Moves the selected receipts to your Dropbox account.
Export to Google Drive: Sends the selected receipts to your Google Drive account.
Download as CSV: Download the receipts as a CSV file. It includes all the receipt info and links to the original receipts.
Download as Excel: Download the receipts as an Excel file with all details and links to the originals.
Download as PDF: Downloads the receipts as PDF files.

Completing the Export:

After selecting an export option, a popup will appear for you to name your export.
Click "Export Now" to finalize. Your export will then appear on the "Export History" page.

Managing Your Exports:

On the "Export History" page, you can:
Download the export in CSV, Excel, Zip, or PDF format.
Rename the export for easier identification.
Delete the export if no longer needed.
View the export in the format you initially chose.
If you exported to Dropbox or Google Drive, you can locate your receipts directly in your respective drive through the "Export History" page.

Following these steps will ensure you can manage and export your receipts with ease, all with a focus on simplicity and a high Flesch reading ease score for better understanding.

Updated on: 19/02/2024

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