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Welcome to the WellyBox Webhooks feature documentation!

With WellyBox Webhooks, you can easily stay updated on the status changes of your documents. Whenever the status of a document changes within the WellyBox system, an HTTP POST request will be sent to a specified URL in JSON format.

This allows you to seamlessly integrate WellyBox with your own systems or applications, keeping you informed about the progress of your documents.

Getting Started

To start using WellyBox Webhooks, follow these steps:

1. Access Webhooks Settings

Navigate to https://app.wellybox.com/ng2ux/webhooks to access the Webhooks settings within your WellyBox account.

2. Create a New Webhook

Click on the "Connect New Webhook" button to initiate the webhook creation process.

3. Configure Webhook

Name: Provide a descriptive name for your webhook.

URL: Specify the URL where you want to receive the webhook POST requests.

Document Statuses

WellyBox supports the following document statuses:

Pending: Document introduced to the system.
Ready: Document reviewed by the user.
Sent: Document exported.

The webhook will trigger an HTTP POST request whenever a document's status changes to one of the specified statuses.

JSON Payload

When the webhook is triggered, you'll receive a JSON payload containing information about the document. Below is an example JSON payload:

"Received Date": "2023-Jul-30",
"Document Date": "2023-Jul-30",
"Vendor": "ABC Company",
"Total Amount": "1150.0",
"Total Tax": "",
"Currency": "USD",
"Expense Category": "General and Administrative",
"Business": "Business",
"Doc Number": "12345",
"Source": "test@wellybox.com",
"Has Star": "No",
"Link": "https://app.wellybox.com/c/l8u7dJy1IV6Moeu6",
"Comment": "",
"status": "pending",
"client_email": "client1@wellybox.com",
"source_sender": "Dan Bar <danbar@wellybox.com>",
"content": "Special offer: Until August 15, 2023. All rights reserved by ABC Company.",
"doc_uuid": "55171a92-e62d-428d-a0aa-9e5a9c9c7786",
"source_foreign_id": null,
"source_thread_id": null

You will receive this JSON payload as an HTTP POST request to the specified URL whenever a document's status changes.


Once you have configured your webhook settings, you can also perform a test by manually changing the status of a document to see if the webhook triggers correctly.

That's it!

You are now set up to receive real-time updates about the status changes of your documents through WellyBox Webhooks.

This integration will help you streamline your document management process and keep your systems in sync with WellyBox. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 07/08/2023

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